Virtual Light Bulb Museum

This page shows various light bulbs in my collection.

There are a couple of pictures of our Christmas tree topper. This is a carbon filament bulb with two loops in the filament. It makes the perfect decoration if you are a collector of light bulbs. It casts a very warm glow about the room when it is on.

The Neon Utility bulbs were used in applications where a low power light source was needed and a filament may have been too brittle under conditions of vibration. They don't really give off much light, so they were mostly used as indicators.

They operate by using two electrodes spaced apart in an atmosphere of neon and argon gas. Different mixtures are used for different colors. A neon mixture give off a red/orange/pink glow, and argon gives off a purple glow when the bulb is energized.

Some of the other bulbs shown are "neon figurals" and were made by the Aerolux company in New York. They operate on the same glow discharge principle as the neon utility bulbs, but have their electrodes stamped into decorative shapes such as flowers and logos. They were popular in the 40's and 50's and were manufactured well up into the 70's. In one of the pictures you can see the original lamp base which is a very kitschey flower pot.

The original companies such as Aerolux are all out of business now, and copies are manufactured overseas. The original Aerolux bulbs are now a collectors item.

There are some old carbon filament bulbs displayed. You can date them by their top mounted exhaust pip where the air was vacuumed out and the bulb sealed. This is now done through the bulb base.

There is also my 10,000 watt monster bulb. This was used in movie production. One of these days I will try and light this. I'll post pictures if I ever get that baby lit.

The new Light Bulb Display

A carbon filament and 2 older bulbs with a "Pip"

A Shelby and WW2 black out bulb.

Carbon filament, Neon NE-34 and tubular bulb.

Old, but not antique bulbs.

Small Mercury Vapor

Shelby Carbon Filament

Our Christmas tree topper

NE-30 utility bulb

NE-34 utility bulb (OFF)

NE-34 utility bulb

NNE-54 utility bulb

Aerolux Tulips(OFF)

Aerolux Tulips(ON)

Aerolux Tulips

Ram jumping fence

Aerolux Rose

Aerolux Shriner Emblem

Spirit 0f 76

Aerolux box

10,000 Watts!

10,000 Watt Filament

10,000 Watt base

Early Blue bulb


AR-1 in the dark

Carbon Filament

Mushroom Shaped